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Getting your website online is the first step in gaining new customers, sales, leads and interest to your business.

But what happens next?
Your website is much like your car when thinking about maintenance, you don’t have to do it – but sooner or later you’re going to need something to be done to keep it on the road – the same can be said about a website.

To keep your car running it’s recommended you take it for a service once a year, get the oil changed, check the spark plugs to make sure it all fires up every-time you turn that key.

The same principles apply to your website.
Without a website maintenance plan, you’ll likely get left behind online or turn up one day and find it’s failed to start!

With our website maintenance plans we can run updates and upgrades to your website at any point in time to make sure your website stays up to date. We can install the latest updates and plugins, check the ones currently loaded, make sure it’s still following the current best practices online and that everything is in good working order.

From the day your website launches, just like your computer, it’s going to be looking for updates. If you’re not performing these updates then you’re going to get left behind, or worst still, caught out!

Failing to run timely updates can lead to website downtime, and no one wants a website that’s off the air or exposed online to those looking to harm your business.

Our standard maintenance package starts at just $240+gst and includes key updates to the core components of your website to keep you running online.

With any website maintenance we take an offsite backup before performing updates to ensure a stable start point.

We then perform your updates offline so we can check the new updates work, that your website is in good form and optimised before we load everything live – saving any downtime and providing you with what we’re known for: fast, efficient and friendly service.

So make your website stands out for the right reasons and keep it in good running order with regular maintenance – because preventative maintenance is better than dealing with the unexpected!

Due to the nature of website maintenance and service intervals we aren’t able to offer fixed price packages since no two sites are the same! Please contact us and we’ll do a free website and plugin health check of your current site and advise – at no cost – on our findings so we can offer the best price for your website maintenance needs.


It Improves Security

Security is the main reason to run a website update, without running the latest in platforms, content management systems or PHP versions, then you’ll be leaving yourself open to attack.

A bit like leaving the windows open on your car when you leave it.

You might get lucky for a while but sooner or later someones going to notice that open window..

Boosting Ranking Position and Traffic

Google are well known for their preference of up to date and current websites. They actually include it in their preference in the search engine results.

Sites that are well maintained and current score higher in Googles Search Ranking, which is why when we perform SEO it’s the first thing to tackle as it usually results in the quickest boost to a sites overall Google score!

Business Continuity Plan and Website management

If anything was to happen to your website, what would you do?

The first part would likely be to panic, and then the second part, you would look to repair or restore which can be costly.
But it’s at this point the circle may start again even if you manage to successfully restore the website.

Sure your websites back online again, but that just means the issue you just had will no doubt happen again!

Having your website maintained will not only help with a valid restore point for your business that is all current and in good form – but actually performing regular website maintenance may have saved you from any of this happening in the first place!!

Why does my website need maintenance?

Because it is important to keep your data, content and all your plugins up to date.

An out of date or website without maintenance is going to be a source to attack online.

With recent cyber events increasing there’s never been a better time to invest in keeping your website and business safe online.

Is my website going to be available while the website maintenance is done?

Yes! We do everything offline before launching online to make sure there’s no downtime and that the updates are 100% on point.

Can I perform maintenance changes myself?

Like servicing your car – you’re more than welcome to run updates yourself.

Please bear in mind if you perform your own updates that break your website and request a fix we will charge for restoration work since it can be very labour intensive (which from experience costs more than the affordable website maintenance service we have on offer!)

How often is maintenance recommended

Depending on your website, traffic, visitors and use can determine the time between maintenance services.

eCommerce sites that are heavy on resource usage and large in size with a lot more moving parts could be 3-6 months. Some smaller sites could do an annual review.

Each business is different and we can tailor a plan to suit as required.

Get in touch and we can discuss the best options for your business.